Yotel is a hi-fi self-service hotel with a modern futuristic flare, taking the world of hospitality to the next level; it’s Hospitality 2.0! As you step into the lobby, you’re greeted by a row of kiosks that will check you in. There is also a self-service concierge, if you will, called the Yobot. This robotic arm encased behind a glass wall sorts through the stored luggage and manages to ‘vend’ your suitcase/bag.We’re seeing technology stand in the shoes of people through the Yotel brand; perhaps this is a way to recognize the humanization of technology, where machines are becoming ‘smart’ enough to mimic the services normally executed by us, people. This is a manifestation of the technological immersions within humanity, continuing to be integrated into culture and commerce.

The Yotel brand is at the intersection of global futurism and modernity. Hints of modern Japanese culture is expressed through intimate experiences such as the low seating throughout the restaurant dining tables; the restaurant space also transforms into a ‘Dohyo,’ a classic sumo wrestling ring, giving the hotel a sense of dynamism and timelessness. While Yotel is heavier on the futuristic expression, it has yet a dynamic and modular interior that allows for a wide range of ambiances.