kovy: inspiring health leadership through reflective storytelling

Do you think your health is being compromised by your job? If you think it is, how does that change your perception or relationship with your profession?

I have approached these questions within the medical profession. Often asking myself, "how healthy is my doctor?" And I've found some ironic truths about the nature of our medical profession. With nearly a quarter of junior doctors dropping out of the practice after two years of training, there happens to be a critical case of burnout that permeates the personal and professional lives of our doctors.

Find out more about Kovy, a health leadership programme centred in reflective storytelling by visiting the project site. Here, you will find the service proposition, digital tool and a service integration model.

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reconnecting with nature from mega cities in 2030

As we face a rapid growth in population across cities, this growth will attribute to urban and suburban sprawls. We will see people move in and out of the city to deal with the reality of urban congestion. In doing so, the longing to reconnect with nature will be ever more an important part of life in mega cities. To tend to this inevitable reality, the Range Rover X is an experience that extends the spirit of discovery through air and land, beyond the cityscape. Range Rover X is a two-part vehicle experience that integrates the heritage of ballooning and off-road exploring, creating the luxury of personal flight.


revelations of a technology spirit named 'alo'

Alo's revelations in [tech]emapthy is a look into where technology and empathy intersect and optimize the human experience. This design research and analysis is centered around the question of how technology and humans can lead an empathic relationship that is driven by purpose and meaningful possibilities. A technology spirit by the name of ALO (short for 'All Life Optimised'), takes you through a journey into three revelations to open your eyes toward other areas where techempathy is needed.


creating a culture of 'fearless learning' by making epic mistakes

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original." This bold sentiment by Ken Robinson serves as the basis for Project 42's initiative to develop learning confidence among kids between the ages 9 and 11. Project 42 is a week-long summer programme that was held in July 2014 to get kids actively engaged with learning through the power of questions and epic mistakes.